Meet John
John Lint
I Help Experts package Their Knowledge Into An Online Course And Sell It Online Without Ever Being Salesy or Struggling With Tech

Hi, John Lint here, creator of The Online Course System, welcome!

Our agency has been helping digital entrepreneurs for over 10 year now. We have been involved in multi million product launches, worked with fortune 500 companies around the world and I have personally experienced the famous "Million dollar day" online.

More importantly, we help entrepreneurs just like yourself get started, create, launch and sell their own online course.

If you have a blog, a podcast, a youtube channel, an email list or have some kind of audience and you are looking for the best way to moneytise it, online courses are for you.

If you are knowledgeable about a specific topic and you are thinking of a way to package that information and sell it online, then online courses are for you.

If you are starting out and are looking for the fastest way to grow a successful online business then creating your own online course is the right way to do it.

Grab our free cheatsheet here: 5 simple steps to create, launch and sell your online course

Where should you start?
Free Cheat Sheet
5 Simple Steps to Create, Launch & Sell Your Online Course

Get a sneak peak at a battle tested process to create, Launch, Sell & profit from your online courses. No experience required, this has been tested in many market (from dog training to stock trading).

This is the same step by step process we have been teaching all our clients around the world and how we were able to generate 7 figures online.


Two Ways To Work With Us...
For Experienced Online Course Owners
Private Consulting & Coaching

If you have an online business up and running, if you are generating 5 figures or more per year, if you have a good offer, and if you want to take your business to the next level, this is for you.

As part of our private consulting and coaching program we will work directly with you to double, triple of even quadruple your business over the next year.

We will develop a series of strategic marketing campaigns, work on the copy, help you optimize your existing workflow.

This is our most hands on package and we will call it as we see it. This means you need a thick skin but ultimately you'll increase your profits.

PRICE: $15,000 USD One Time Setup
($5,000/Month Thereafter)

For Online Entrepreneurs
The Online Course System

If you want to start getting more leverage and more freedom. If you want to maximize your profits by packaging your knowledge and expertise into an online course. And if you want to learn the best way to sell your online course without ever being salesy, This is for you.

This is our flagship online training program where you'll learn how to Create, Launch & Sell your online course. Specifically You'll discover:

  • How to select a topic for your next online course that will sell.
  • How to easily create your online course without any prior experience required.
  • How to build massive anticipation for your online course so your audience is lining up to buy.
  • How to Launch your online course and optimize your conversions with advanced strategic marketing
  • How to Scale your online course and build your online business to it's full potential
  • And Much Much More

PRICE: $3,000 USD